Fashionable sunglasses 2015-2016

In modern life, sunglasses are not only a necessary element of protection from solar activity and the devastating effects of UV on the eye, but also an indispensable stylish accessory. Glasses have long ceased to be associated only with a beach holiday and summer seasons. Now they serve people involved in skiing, managing car overlooking the outing as sunny and cloudy. Moreover, sunglasses have the ability to create your own image to describe, harmoniously complement the overall style of clothing or underlining charismatic nature and the mystique of an extraordinary personality.

In the trendy 2011 season of the year and the coming 2012 among the main models of sunglasses, you can highlight the obvious leaders in popularity and ability to the stylish transformation of owner. Model sunglasses Ray-Ban Aviator (avyator) is a classic which, without a doubt, suits and perfectly blends with different styles in your wardrobe. Recognizable cheap ray ban sunglasses shape drop lenses made these glasses and loved both women and men. Many Russian and foreign actors prefer glasses-aviators all other models, especially to create a day-to-day fashionable image.

Famous rock musicians, as well as Hollywood celebrities have long been fans of model Wayfarer, which at that time became a radically innovative through the use of more teachers and easy modification of the plastic rim. The unique trapezoid form creates some reserved and aloof image. Perfectly suited for business people, as well as all those who seeking to underline the distance between people.


Already several seasons remains very popular and popular model Jackie, dedicated to the icon of style and elegance, one of the most famous women in history-Jacqueline Kennedy. This model of sunglasses has great lenses, framed large, garish plastic rim. They create a truly feminine, wrapped in a haze of mystery.

Another model, located in the top of the most popular and stylish points season 2011-2012 is to arrive at Highstreet sunglasses. They are characteristic of the recognizable style of big cities-cities. Vivid unusual colors, imaginative daring designs, underline the active life position and desire to keep up with the times. They can be worn as a convenient and stylish accessory and on the street and in the Club, at the disco and in the car. Light haze and at the same time, maximum functionality for the conditions the city-these are the distinctive features of the points of this model.

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You Won’t Think Blac Chyna’s Reason for Drugs in Her Sun shades

Blac Chyna was charged with felony drug possession after cops found several grams of ecstasy pills in her sun shades case while they was detained for drunk and disorderly at Austin-Bergstrom airport this past weekend, but Chyna says the drugs are part of a large setup.

Chyna also adds that the type of ecstasy pills present in her bag are very rare and they would have no idea how to cop them even if they wanted them – which, they clarifies, they absolutely doesn’t.

According to TMZ, Chyna claims that they has no idea how the ecstasy pills wound up in her luggage, and actually they didn’t even pack her own bags. Though they doesn’t directly come out and say her temporary assistant (her regular ones were not obtainable) who did pack her bags did the deed, they does “strongly imply” it. That leaves query: which of the Kardashian sisters did Chyna’s new assistant work for? Of coursework, we are kidding, but there is no doubt that thought crossed Chyna’s mind.

As for who put the drugs in Chyna’s luggage, that’ll be something her defense team tells the judge ought to the charges be pursued fake ray ban sunglasses. The Kardashian-Jenners are concerned, however, that Chyna is influencing Rob to return to his partying ways.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has been in a tizzy ever since Chyna started dating Rob Kardashian. Chyna’s baby’s sister, Tyga, famously left her for Kylie Jenner a couple of years ago, although Chyna was tight with Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian. Since then, Chyna has been inexorable in her trolling of Kylie, and all the Kardashian’s, on social media. Yesterday, though, it appeared like Chyna’s bestie, Amber Rose – who has her own issues with that relatives – was doing something to broker peace by showing up in a selfie with Kim Kardashian, and then, later, out clubbing with Chyna.

All of Costa’s prescription sun shades are personalized in the company’s state-of-the-art optical lab within its Daytona Beach headquarters. The brand also laser engraves the Costa “C” in to its lenses, so people know they are receiving the clearest lenses on the planet.

In addition to the long lasting frame construction, Costa’s rimless sun shades feature sturdy integral hinge expertise and hypoallergenic rubberized nose pads to keep the sun shades comfortably in place all day, no matter how harsh the conditions.

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The crew launched the first series of sun shades

Summer or in a few months, but J.Crew is a must-have accessory of the season early on its stamps. The brand has launched the “first full mature series of sun shades,” according to the New York Times.

J.Crew designers Jenna Lyons bend pilot so better add features after a picture of herself wearing her signature shades. “Every time I see a picture of my own, I put the pilot, I thought, ‘ Oh, ‘” Jenna Lyons told the New York Times. “They have an inclination to, down to the top of the glass to lift away from your brow with the topping on the bottom of your face they are not flattering photos-I know it sounds daft, but for us, this is a gigantic cheap ray ban outlet thing. ”

The range includes different frame span in the shade, 18 other ladies. varieties include cat-eye frames called Ryan, gigantic Betty, Sam inspired breakfast in Tiffany’s, rectangular Owen, & Jay, a literally images designs look better pilots.

J.Crew also has men on the sun deck. There’s frame-Jack, classic aviators; rectangular Owen; & Sam-each of the colors to select from, there’s nine styles.

Sun shades from J.Crew to be sold for the first time is all about the details. Irrespective of the focus of Lyon is a picture ideal pilots or working in a screw hinge, this is additional smooth long lasting, & has a subtle J.Crew brand. “This is our way to stamp our sun shades & show that they pay attention to the details,” Lyons said.

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Cat 24×7 was forced to wear sunglasses due to rare eye conditions

Has quickly became popular born without eyelids cats-in her medical condition meant she had to wear sunglasses.

Two year old grey cat bagel-sunglasses cat knows her fans-can’t development of tears and needed eye drops, several times a day.

She could not control her body temperature, which means that she sometimes had to wear clothes.

All which makes her one of the coolest cat around-now a bagel has become a social media celebrity due to posting photos on Instagram to her owner Karen McGill.

Karen, 48, decided to Bagel sunglasses, she said, will protect her sensitive skin.

-Sunglasses-it is lined with paste jewelry-will help prevent debris in the bagel’s eyes, which may hurt her cornea, leading to blindness.

Bagels are now used to the glasses and associate them with comfort and protection.

Karen, from Los Angeles, said: “Bagel is the most loving, gentle, peaceful, kind of cat you will ever encounter.

“Everyone wanted to touch her and hold her.

“They want to stop and talk to me about her sunglasses as I often do, because it is so rare to see CAT glasses, I tell them, why she’s wearing them, and her illness.

Karen Bai ji when cute cat is just two months old, and hopes that her popularity would encourage others to accept animals and volunteers to take care of special needs.

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